Tuesday, September 5, 2017


 Dear Parents,

Starting next week I will be posting homework for the week. The suggested amount of homework for each grade is ten minutes per grade. Therefore, grade 4 students can be expected to do at most 40 minutes of homework each night. That being said, I generally give about ten to twenty minutes per night, Monday to Thursday inclusive. The biggest reason I give homework is to teach children about how they need to take responsibility for their own education. As grade 4 students they are now junior students and are only three years away from high school. If they don't learn the discipline now for homework and taking responsibility, they will have a really tough time in years to come. Please encourage your child to do their homework each night so they practice skills which are required by the Grade 4 curriculum. Nothing that I put on the homework posts will be new concepts. I will have taught it at some point or it will be a Grade 3 expectation for which they need practice. All students know how to find the blog and I will remind them over the next few weeks.

Patricia MacKinnon

p.s. The secret word is sugarfree gum

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