Sunday, December 10, 2017

Homework for the week of December 11-15

Dear Kiddums,

First of all, thank you to those of you who paid close attention to the deadlines, to getting homework done on time and for making great comments this week. Not everyone did their homework and I wonder if it is because I am away, but I am taking the time to still try to teach, and I do that because I truly want what is best for you, specifically the chance to practice skills and getting better. Upon my return, I will keep going and if you are behind then you will not have done yourself any favours.

Afternoon group: keep researching animals and habitats. There are so many good Youtube videos, Kratts Creatures is a fabulous way to learn about animals, their nature and their habitats. Enclosed I have linked for you the episodes for this amazing kids show. Enjoy!

Morning group. You have Kidblog this week. This time you will be writing an opinion writing piece. I have included a video from Charlie Brown’s Christmas and asked you to share your opinion about the most important message in this clip and why you think that way. The deadline for your work to be considered on time is 4:15 Friday. Next week we will comment on our groups writing. Best of luck and Pleeeeeeeeeeease do your homework. Thanks to Owen, Ella, Sebastian and Lilly for doing BOTH their work/posts and comments. 

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