Monday, December 18, 2017

Homework for the week of December 18-22

Morning class

Finish all posts for Kidblog (if you haven't yet)
Finish commenting for both Kidblog weeks
do xtramath every day and if your mark is under 50% do it again! let's get better folks!

Here are the groupings again and your link for the marks that you have earned. If you have a level 1 (you must go back and bring up your mark)
Dear Dana,

I really enjoyed reading your post. I specifically loved how you wrote about your trip to Bayshore so you could get the deal of the century! I was impressed with your idea about your trip and wondered how you even found out about this great deal? Going forward, Dana, you might want to consider editing your work so that your capitals are at the beginning of each sentence AND all of your proper nouns. In addition, you might also want to consider using ACCURATE punctuation such as not only using periods. I am sure your life is more exciting than that! Once again, thank you so much for the enjoyable post! I would love to read how everything went after your trip to Bayshore. Perhaps you could write me back in this blog.


team A - Owen -- Nathan -- Shane -- Sebastian -- Will
team B - Sam-- Seamus -- Theo -- Hunter
team C - Jenna -- Marcie -- Cara -- Shayla
team D Nolan -- Ella -- Lilly -- Adrian

1. Start with a salutation
2. Tell your buddy what you liked about their post
3. Tell your buddy about what your opinion is about their idea, ( agree, disagree or you have your own idea)
4. Give your buddy one comment on how they can move forward for example, “ you might want to consider staying on topic since the task was to write about people walking through the walls. You wrote about X and didn’t say much about the task we were supposed to write about.”
5. Always finish with a kind word to your buddy for example, “ overall I really loved how you wrote about what was on the other side of the wall! I would love to go to a room with Pokemon cards everywhere! Thanks for your great post.”
6. And finally sign off like you would in a letter such as “ Sincerely , Ms. MacK”

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