Friday, January 5, 2018

Math plan for the first week back in 2018!

Dear Parents and students,

Happy New Year! I hope that the holiday finds you all refreshed and ready for a great start back in this new year. As promised to the students prior to leaving for the break, we will be having a series of tests to see what information the students have truly learned in the first term of school. That being said there will be a Math quiz on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the first week back. A different strand of math will be covered in each test and will be highlighted in this blog today and over the next couple of days. Practice math test questions will also be provided to refresh your memory. In the past, questions that have been included on the blog have been very similar to actual test questions so brushing up with these questions will ensure good or better than good results.

At the beginning of the year I told the students that by the new year a solid understanding of multiplication facts must be grasped. Therefore, every other day the students will be receiving Mad Minutes which are timed multiplication tests. Therefore the students will get a sheet of paper with 20 or so questions and be given one minute to complete the quiz. This gives them about three seconds for each problem. It may seem too rushed but if I were to ask you what 5 x 5 was before even thinking you would know to write 25. In the next post I will post questions for practicing.

Good luck,
Ms. MacKinnon

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