Monday, January 8, 2018

Science practice questions

Dear afternoon class,

Please complete your pictures of two habitats.

Next, make certain you can answer these questions in full sentences. Since you have your notebook and duotang in your bag use your notes to inform your answers.

Wild Kratts

Kratts Creatures Game

Practice Questions for Tuesday
1. Name three different animals that have three very different  habitats. Why is their habitat made the way it is. For example a squirrel uses mud, leaves and sticks high up in a tree. They make the mud and then layer it with sticks for strength and leaves for covering to keep weather like rain and extreme heat out. They make their homes high on the tree so that predators won't get them. If they choose their tree well, such as an oak tree, they could also have their food source close by.

2. How are plant seeds repopulated by animals?

3. Using the sheet entitled, What's For Dinner", What are the three categories of animals based on their food preferences?

4. Classify these animals into the three different categories.

cat, dog, frog, insects, lion, snake, worms, fox, ducks, robin, gorilla, elephant, tigers, wolf, goldfish, ats, pigs, bears, crow

Good job... we will discuss the answers to this homework tomorrow. 

1. What is a habitat?

2. What is behavioral adaptation?

3. What is structural adaptaion

4. What are the five things that all plants an animals need?

5. Name three habitat communities an identify the plants they need to live. 

6. What animal depends on another animal for protection?

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